David Shapiro is an asset to danielmodianoandfriends.wordpress.com

david shapiro

Before a person can become successful he has to overcome certain fears. It’s hard to imagine that a coordinator of events consisting of hundreds of people once had a fear of public speaking. David Shapiro knew he had to do what it takes to get over the fear, and is now able to get in front of a crowd of hundreds, give them the impression he is looking them all in the eye, and deliver his message eloquently. Why would David Shapiro, organizer of one of the largest networks in nyc spend over an hour on the phone with me, and join my budding organization? The answer is obvious-he’s a person who likes to help people, and as a success-driven person he’s willing to help like-minded individuals regardless how successful they are.

David’s network is different than mine in that his is more social with some 20% business stemming from it. His network is age selective looking for members in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Like my network his also places a high emphasis on success-driven, positive-minded individuals. David has to be particularly careful with who he qualifies for his network as people who are negative in their thinking or misplaced socially can have an adverse effect on his whole group, and the events that he holds. David considers himself highly knowledgeable of both psychology and sociology solely through the management of his network. Like me, David refers to his network members as friends.

David’s network creates relationships ranging from friendships, marriages, and business partnerships. He loves to help people through his network whether it be businesses, charities, individuals and even animals. David told me of one case where his network was able to help a friend whose dog needed eye surgery. David’s network’s reach is powerful with 120,000 subscribing to his  weekly newsletter, and 2.2 million members across all social media platforms. David’s always been a hard worker, but as a man who’s recently been married he is learning to balance work and family. You can find out more about David, his network, events and activities on davidshapiro.net.

If you’re interested in a post on danielmodianoandfriends.wordpress.com feel free to private message me so we can get a dialog started. There is no charge for qualified success-driven positive-minded individuals. In an effort to support the success of all our friends please share this post on your timeline. I’m sure you’d want others to do the same for you when you have a post made for yourself.

Thank you,

Daniel Modiano

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